River Town Adventures proudly offers a variety of different adventures tailored to paddlers of all levels. Due to health concerns related to the 2020 outbreak of COVID-19, we are following CDC guidelines regarding gathering in groups and interactions with others. Because of this, we have modified our rental options to reflect these safety measures.



1 hour rental - $10 single kayak / $20 tandem kayak
2 hour rental - $17 single kayak / $34 tandem kayak
Half Day rental (up to 4 hours) - $30 single kayak / $60 tandem kayak
Full Day rental (4+ hours, returned before close) - $45 single kayak / $90 tandem kayak

LOCATION: Rotary Park
A great way for a first-timer to get their paddle wet or for a one hour vacation to break up a monotonous workday. Meet us at the Rotary Park and start your self-guided adventure. Explore along the Grand River to the confluence of the Red Cedar and Grand Rivers, then choose your adventure! When you're done exploring head back to Rotary Park.


$25 - Kayak (2 hrs) | $12.50 each additional hour
$30 - Stand-up Paddleboard (2 hrs) | $15 each additional hour
$45 - Canoe/ tandem kayak (2 hrs) | $22.50 each addtional hour
LOCATION: Ralph Crego Park
Meet us at Crego Park to start your peaceful paddle at this beautiful 17-acre lake straddling the boundary of Lansing and East Lansing. The City of Lansing recently made a number of improvements to the site including an accessible boat launch, a large pier for fishing, paved parking and a paved trail connecting the park to the Lansing Rivertrail system. Because of the distance from Rotary Park and the boat transport required, a minimum 2 hour rental is required.


Looking for a natural escape from the busyness of urban life? Take some time to explore our Downriver Excursions! Reservations required for all trips. Due to the Coronavirus Epidemic we are only able to safely transport boats, not people. You are responsible for making a plan to return to your vehicles at the end of your trip - you could have one person in your group agree to park at the end point and drive everyone back to their cars at the end of your trip, or consider using a rideshare app like Lyft or Uber.

THE ZOO ADVENTURE: Intermediate Difficulty , 2-3 HOURS

$25 - Single Kayak,
$40 - Canoe/ tandem kayak
Begin your adventure at Kruger's Landing on the Red Cedar River, named after Lansing local and world-renowned Paddling Pro, Verlen Kruger. Your journey will wind you around the outer edge of the Potter Park Zoo, where you'll hear peacocks calling & if you're lucky, you might see the camels at the edge of their exhibit. Keep your eyes up to the sky and you'll likely see blue herons or the nesting wild bald eagles that reside along the river. This route can be a little technical and tough to maneuver when the water is low, so it is not recommended for beginning paddlers and is best for those with ample kayaking experience. The Red Cedar flows right into the Grand River at River Point Park, where you'll continue paddling a short distance to Rotary Park.

POWER OF THE GRAND: Beginner-friendly; 1 to 1 ½ HOURS

Moores Park (400 Moores River Dr.) to River Town Adventures
$20 - Single Kayak
$35 - Tandem Kayak or Canoe
$10 - Transport personal kayak with rental
$15 - Transport personal kayak without rental
Drop in at Lansing's Moore's Park directly across the river from the century old Otto E. Eckert Power Station with the city's iconic triple smokestacks towering overhead. This route is perfect for the beginning paddler as the river is wide and slow moving for the length of the trip. Your journey ends at Rotary Park in Downtown Lansing.

GRAND RIVER PARK to DOWNTOWN: Experienced paddlers only; 2 to 2 ½ HOURS

Grand River Park (2901 W Main St.) to River Town Adventures
$30 - Single Kayak
$45 - Tandem Kayak or Canoe
$15 - Transport personal kayak with rental
$20 - Transport personal kayak without rental
Begin your trip at Grand River Park, home of the Michigan Princess Riverboat and the Lansing Boat Club. As the Grand River narrows, you'll follow the iconic Eckert Smokestacks in the distance until you reach the Moores Park Dam. You'll be required to make a quick portage around the dam, carrying your boat about 200 yards and using the new EZ-Launch dock to hop back on the river at Moores Park. Once you're back on the river, just follow the current back to Downtown Lansing!

OLD TOWN to DELTA MILLS: Intermediate Difficulty; 3 HOURS

Brenke Fish Ladder (216 E. Grand River Ave.) to Delta Mills Park (7001 Old River Tr.)
$35 - Single Kayak
$50 - Tandem Kayak or Canoe
Drop in just above the Old Town bridge and Fish Ladder. The river is rather narrow and deep to start this adventure which creates a steady current making paddling almost optional. Fish, waterfowl and turtles abound on the route. Your journey ends at Delta Mills Park, just past the Webster Rd. Bridge.

OLD TOWN to WILLOW LAUNCH: Intermediate Difficulty; 4 HOURS

Brenke Fish Ladder (216 E. Grand River Ave.) to Willow Canoe Launch (6507 Willow Hwy)
$40 - Single Kayak
$55 - Tandem Kayak or Canoe
Launch your kayak from the famous Brenke Fish Ladder in Old Town & start your adventure!. This trip is perfect for fishing fanatics or someone just looking to spend a pleasant afternoon on the river. As you wind down the river, your destination will emerge from the woods at the new Delta Twp. Willow Canoe Launch.

THE OWASHTANONG: Experienced Paddlers Only; 6 HOURS

Brenke Fish Ladder (216 E. Grand River Ave.) to Jaycee Park (525 E. River St. Grand Ledge)
$45 - Single Kayak,
$60 - Canoe/ tandem kayak
Looking for a whole-day adventure that can give you everything the Grand has to offer? Then The O-wash-ta-nong (the native name for the river, meaning "Far away water") is the trip for you! The current moves fast enough to make the 13 miles seem much shorter. Just be sure to bring ample hydration, sunscreen and probably a picnic lunch to fully enjoy the trip. End your adventure in historic Grand Ledge, at Jaycee Park.