Rent By The Hour

Rent By The Hour


Kayak & Canoe Rentals
1 hour rental - $10 per person
2 hour rental - $17 per person
Half Day rental (up to 4 hours) - $30 per person
Full Day rental (4+ hours, returned before close) - $45 per person

Stand-Up Paddleboard
1 hour rental - $15
2 hour rental - $25

LOCATION: Rotary Park

Available 7 days a week. Walk-ups accepted but reservations are recommended. for groups of 6 or more to help us accommodate for appropriate social distancing.

A great way for a firstimer to get their paddle wet or for a one hour vacation to break up a monotonous workday,

Meet us at the Rotary Park and start your self-guided adventure. River Town staff will help you into the river across from the beautifully restored Ottawa Power Station and from there it's up to you. Upstream you'll find Cherry Hill Park under the towering bridges of I496, just past that is the confluence of the Grand and Red Cedar Rivers. If you choose to start by going downstream you'll float past Adado Riverfront Park, home of Common Ground and numerous other summer festivals. As you move past the park you'll start to hear the rumble of the Old Town Dam, which is a perfect place for a turnaround

When you're done exploring head back to the Rotary Park.

FIDELITY LAKE [2 Hour Minimum]

15 acre stillwater at Crego Park on Lansing's eastside

$25 - Kayak (2 hrs)
$30 - Stand-up Paddleboard (2 hrs)
$45 - Canoe/ tandem kayak (2 hrs)

LOCATION: Ralph Crego Park

Available 7 days a week. Reservations necessary

A beautiful 17-acre lake straddling the boundary of Lansing and East Lansing. The City of Lansing recently made a number of improvements to the site including an accessible boat launch, a large pier for fishing, paved parking and a paved trail connecting the park to the Lansing Rivertrail system.

The revitalization has made the city's newest park the perfect place for everything from an afternoon family outing to large group events. Because of the distance from Rotary Park and the boat transport required a minimum 2 hour rental is required.