Lansing Earth Project


April 14th -Saturday

Cherry Hill Park - 9am-12noon

In partnership with the Cherry Hill Neighborhood Association. This will be an on-land clean-up. Involving moving brush and bushes from the river bank as well as litter and trash collection.

April 21st - Saturday

Earth Day @Lansing City Market 11am - 1pm

  • Litter picking on land along the River Trail between Kalamazoo St. to the south and Oakland St. To the North. Also includes the grounds of City Market.
  • Litter picking on the Grand River between Cherry Hill Park and Old Town **If river conditions are safe

May 12th - Saturday -

Adopt-A-River 9am- Noon @ Impressions 5 Science Center

  • To participate in this event on the water you can join River Town Adventures staff outside of the Impression 5 Science Center at 9am. A limited number of boats will be available for use. Free of charge.
  • Our participation will be on the water. Shuttling to Kruger Landing and litter picking on the Red Cedar & Grand Rivers, ending at Cherry Hill Park

May 16th - Wednesday

River Point Project 6pm-8pm

  • Cleaning Elm Park and River Point Park
  • This is an On-Land clean-up. Meet at Elm Park at the corner of Elm St. and River St. Near Lansing's REO Town district.

May 23rd - Wednesday

Kruger Project - Water and Land 6pm-8pm

  • Meet at Kruger Landing off of Aurelius Rd. On-Land clean-up around the Park and along the river trail
  • On-Water clean-up. Shuttle will take volunteers up the Red Cedar to Kalamazoo St. Trash pick from their back to Kruger Landing.

May 30th - Wednesday

Moores Park Project- Water & Land 6pm-8pm

  • Meet at Moores Park. On-Land portion will be around the park and some of the river Trail.
  • On-Water portion will be on the Grand River from Moores Park down to the City Market.

June 7th - Thursday

Sparty Project - Red Cedar River Clean-up MSU area down river 6pm-8pm

  • Water Only Clean-UP...Meet at Kircher Municipal Ballpark at the corner of Kalamazoo and Clippert st. Shuttle will take volunteers up river to Jenison Field House. Trash picking from there back to the ballpark.

June 21st -Thursday

Chief Okemos Project -Red Cedar River Okemos to Campus 6pm-8pm

  • Water Only Clean-Up...Meet at Ferguson Park in Okemos. Trash pick the river from there down to Campus. Shuttle back to Ferguson.

June 28th- Thursday

Downtown Project @ Lansing City Market 6pm-8pm

  • On-Land trash picking along the river trail down to Old Town
  • On-Water trash picking on the Grand between Cherry Hill Park and Old Town

July 11th - Wednesday

Potter Park Project 6pm-8pm

  • Meet at Potter Park, Water and Land
  • Trash picking On-Land around the Park and the River Trail to the East to Kruger Landing and to the West on the trail to Cedar St.
  • On-Water trash picking from Potter Park down river to the City Market

July 18th - Wednesday

TBD 6pm-8pm

July 28th- Saturday

TBD 9am-11am

August 9th - Wednesday

West Grand River clean-up

August 16th - Wednesday

TBD (River Celebration Week) 6pm-8pm

West Grand River clean-up Learn More!

August 23rd - Sunday

TBD (River Celebration Week) 10am-12noon


River Town Adventures would like to recognize our proud sponsor and partner, the Middle Grand River Organization of Watersheds (MGROW). Thank you for supporting the Lansing Earth Project!

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Lansing Parks and Recreation has been a big supporter of the Lansing Earth Project.Thank you for helping us carry out our mission!

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A special thank you to the American Canoe Association (ACA) for awarding this project with the Fostered Stewardship Grant! Through their generous award we are able to purchase the necessary supplies for our clean-up efforts.

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Thank you Greater Lansing Convention and Visitor Bureau for being such a wonderful advocate for our trails and rivers. Your generous donation is greatly appreciated! #lovelansing

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