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Download our app to get more out of our kayak rental service in Lansing, MI

River Town Adventures is making it easier for you to enjoy our kayak and canoe rental service in Lansing, Michigan. You can now download our mobile app to find directions to our shop, reserve your spot by pushing a button and monitor your punches for our Very Important Paddler (VIP) Program. Our program includes these awesome perks:

A free one-hour rental after your first six rentals
One punch for every $10 you spend
A $25 gift certificate for 12 punches

You can also share a pic of your group outing in Lansing, Michigan to win free gear. Just upload a photo of yourself with your name, phone number, email (optional) and the adventure you’re on. We announce a new winner every week!

Download our app today so you can make your group or corporate outing in Lansing, Michigan twice as fun. Be sure to use the code 7523.