Save Time and Money on Transportation

Save Time and Money on Transportation

Rent a bike to explore Lansing, Michigan in a beautiful way

Searching for a fun way to get around Lansing? Consider renting a bike for your day of adventure. You’ll love experiencing the city on two wheels instead of four. Riding a bike is:

  • Affordable: Save money on gas and don’t worry about hailing a taxi.
  • Great for the environment: You can protect the world we live in, one pedal at a time.
  • A fun way to exercise: Burn some calories while you’re exploring our wonderful city.

River Town Adventures has bikes for rent from our location in the Lansing City Market. You can ride along the Lansing River trail to explore the sights and sounds of beautiful Lansing, Michigan. Our bike rentals run $10 for an hour or $30 for four hours. We also offer tandem bikes for $20 an hour. Visit us today to start exploring the city under your own power.

Find your next adventure

There’s so much to see in Lansing—from Old Town to Reo Town to the Michigan State University campus. If you’re ready to do some exploring, there’s no better way to explore the city than on two wheels. Rent a bike for your Lansing, Michigan adventure today.