Grand Adventures

Grand Adventures

THE MAJESTIC [10 miles, 5 to 6 Hours]

Dimondale Downstream to Grand River Park

$50 – Kayak
$75 – Canoe / tandem kayak

SHUTTLE LOCATION: Lansing City Market
By Reservation Only. Call for availability.

Arguably the most scenic route in the area. The drop off at Danford Island Park in the charming small town of Diamondale features rapids and a turn of the century bridge. From their the river meanders through mostly uninhabited land that provides great opportunities to observe wildlife. Herons, egrets, white swans, and hawks to name a few. As the river approaches the city you’ll pass Grand Pointe Marina, beautiful homes and some man made canals that are yours to explore. The river straightens out and widens considerably as you pass Grand River Park, home to the Michigan Princess Riverboat and the Michigan State varsity crew team. A portage is required around the Moore's Park Dam. Before the final two miles bring you back to the Lansing CIty Market.

Now Open.

TECUMSEH TRAIL [6.5 miles, 3 to 4 Hours]

Old Town Fish Ladder Downstream to Delta Mills Park

$40 – Kayak
$60 – Tandem Kayak or Canoe

Take 20% of this adventure Monday thru Friday.

SHUTTLE LOCATION: Lansing City Market

Please plan ahead and reserve a time. This trip is typically available 7 days a week

Drop in just above the Old Town bridge and Fish Ladder. The river makes a turn to the west ferrying you through north Lansing and some of the oldest houses in the city. The river is rather narrow and deep to start this adventure which creates a steady current making paddling almost optional. Some of the houses that back up to the river from Delta River Drive and the green space as you pass through Grand Woods Park will make you wonder if you were transported up north for the afternoon. Fish, waterfowl and turtles abound on the route.

Old Town Downstream to Jaycee Park Grand Ledge

$50 – Kayak,
$75 – Canoe/ tandem kayak

SHUTTLE LOCATION: Lansing City Market
Please plan ahead and reserve a time. Call for availability

Looking for a whole-day adventure that can give you everything the Grand has to offer? Then The O-wash-ta-nong (the native name for the river, meaning “Far away water”) is the trip for you. Launching from Old Town you will experience the urban setting of north Lansing before the river opens up as it is enveloped by park land and spacious private homes. The current moves fast enough to make the 13 miles seem much shorter. Just be sure to bring ample hydration, sunscreen and probably a picnic lunch to fully enjoy the trip.